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Viral Car Alarm Challenge Has Inspired a Lot of People to Do Their Best Automobile Impressions Mar 31st 2019, 15:11
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The latest internet trend to rev people up on Twitter is encouraging people to show off their vocal chops with a pretty universally dreaded sound: a car alarm. Naturally dubbed the “car alarm challenge,” the idea first kicked off after Twitter user P_gibb posted a recording of her performing a high-pitched wail with a simple caption. “My secret talent, CAR ALARM,” she wrote.

My secret talent… CAR ALARM — Peyt🔮 (@P_gibb) March 28, 2019
The trendsetting woman set a high bar for impersonating a car’s first line of defense against theft. But people are along for the ride with their best operatic efforts.
“GREAT LIGHTING & SOLID NECK CHOPPING IS KEY,” wrote Tony Cavalero of his effort.

GREAT LIGHTING & SOLID NECK CHOPPING IS KEY #caralarmchallenge — Tony Cavalero (@TonyCavalero) March 30, 2019

going forward, my first date question will be: is your secret talent a car alarm. The car alarm challenge is going off — Manan 🤦🏽‍♂️ (@manan) March 30, 2019

Challenge accepted #CarAlarmChallenge 🤣 — Cyn (@Cyn728) March 31, 2019

Car alarm @J0anna__banana — Kagome (@chillontheshore) March 29, 2019

Not too shabby #CarAlarmChallenge — THEmrsphelps (@jeaninepphoto) March 31, 2019
And here’s a softer version.

Presley said she can do that. The friendly #CarAlarmChallenge — Jay Kondrk (@JayKondrk77) March 31, 2019
Of course, the blaring sound of a car alarm can be incredibly infuriating, particularly when it goes off non-stop when you’re trying to sleep. People have even lobbied to get car alarms banned. But that certainly hasn’t stopped people from giving this feat their best shot. It’s not the easiest trick to master. In fact, it looks like the move is to crane your neck, sound off and use your hand to punctuate the tone, which requires some decent coordination and breath work. Birds can give humans a run for their money when it comes to sounding like a car alarm. Look no further than the David Attenborough-narrated clip below for this vocally gifted creature’s best effort.

Listen to the new song of spring for yourself. Cleanse your audio palette with a sampling of car alarm challenge videos below. — Papotin et caramel (@ENORME_SAUCISSE) March 30, 2019

okay but….WHY CAN MY BROTHER DO THAT CAR ALARM CHALLENGE — JACQUELINE ♡ (@wowkarate) March 30, 2019

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